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Meet the Staff

David Hayes – Our Founding Father


David Hayes is a working owner and the General Manager at Hayes Automotive. He started his career working as a gas station attendant after school where he first laid eyes on and fell in love with a co-worker’s ’69 Mach 1. When he turned 16 he bought one of his own and has been involved in the automotive repair business ever since over the last 40 years. He credits his time working at Stan's Automotive in Lafayette from 1983 to 2001 where he started out in sales and eventually worked his way up to General Manager with preparing him to eventually own his own shop in July of 2002.

David has recently retired from working directly in the business, but he makes himself available to be a mentor or give his expert opinion whenever they ask. David has always put a big emphasis on providing the best customer service possible and has instilled that same philosophy in every one of our employees. Now that he is retired, you can usually find him working in his yard, fly fishing, golfing, on a long drive listening to 70’s music, or at a baseball game. His life-long dream was to be a MLB umpire, but he will settle for achieving his goal to attend a game in each and every Major League baseball stadium across the country.

His greatest accomplishments in life are his wife and three daughters, their spouses, and his two wonderful grandchildren (so far)!! A close second would be his two miniature dachshunds, Max and Jojo who love having him at home. His one true regret in life is that he sold that ‘69 Mach 1 – he would love to have it back now!!

Sherri Hayes – Co-Owner & Office Manager

Sherri Hayes

Sherri Hayes is a working owner and the Office Manager at Hayes Automotive. Sherri has over 35 years office and bookkeeping experience. She started out as a receptionist right out of high school and eventually worked her way up to a full-charge bookkeeper. While her children were small she owned and operated a licensed daycare for nine years. Sherri feels the training and experience she gained as an office assistant and full-charge bookkeeper over the years prepared her to apply that knowledge in her own business. She has definitely learned a lot about automotive repair over the past 13 years, but definitely deferred the overall management of the shop to her husband all these years, and more recently to her son-in-law Nick who has taken over as General Manager for David when he recently retired.

Sherri and David have lived in Longmont since moving there from Thornton in 1992. Their three grown daughters attended schools in the area and all three graduated from Niwot High School. All three of her daughters are married so they have added two wonderful sons-in-law and a sweet daughter-in-law to the family as well as two beautiful grandchildren (so far). She loves to travel pretty much anywhere and spending as much time as possible with family who fortunately all live real close. In her free time she enjoys photography and working on her scrapbooks. She continues to find it amusing she somehow ended up in an auto repair shop because her life-long dream was always to eventually become a nurse like her grandmother.

Nick Clark – Co-Owner & General Manager


Nick Clark married our oldest daughter in 2011 and joined our management team as our Sales Manager in 2014. He graduated in 2013 from CSU, Global Campus with a Bachelor degree in Business Management to compliment his Associates degree in Business Management from FRCC. Nick came to work for us with no prior automotive experience, but he is a very quick study and we were able to utilize his extensive management, customer service, and sales skills into the automotive setting quite effectively and eventually promote him to General Manager.

When David decided he was ready to step out of the shop, Nick was willing and able to step in and try to fill some pretty big shoes! It definitely helps having David so close by for advice and mentoring when he needs it, but he mainly relies on our highly qualified team of a very seasoned service manager and experienced crew of ASE certified Technicians to make him look really good! With his team to back him, Nick has completely embraced the philosophy that our reputation has been built on for the past 15 years - going the extra mile to provide the best quality auto repair in town while striving to build lasting relationships with each and every customer that walks through the door!

Nick lives in Berthoud with his wife, April, and their Chiweenie, Bella, where you will find him either working on a project, hanging out with family and friends, making his own wine or brewing beer in his basement, hunting, golfing, or just about any activity that involves being outside! He has also built up a pretty good reputation as a handyman because he has knack for fixing just about anything – except cars. Nick always pictured himself growing up as a very successful entrepreneur wearing nice suits sitting behind a big desk. At the young age of nine he starting up his own lucrative lawn mowing and dog poop removal business (he called it Deputy Doo Doo & Lawn Care). He has also recently admitted that as a young man he even preferred to carry his red briefcase over a typical backpack with his important papers tucked neatly inside. If you ask him today what his dream for himself would be he will tell you “I want to be one of those really super smart guys that can win it all on Jeopardy, but still maintains his air of coolness without becoming smart-weird” (like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory).

Chris Kulaga - Service Manager & ASE Certified Parts Specialist

Chris Kulaga

Chris Kulaga came to work for us two weeks before the flood in September of 2013 and has continued to make big things happen ever since. He brings over 18 years of sales and service writing experience in automotive repair and 4x4 accessories. He is extremely knowledgeable and talented in the area of suspension performance, accessorizing, or maximizing the overall efficiency of any vehicle. He keeps the repair process running smoothly and orchestrates the flow of vehicles through the shop so we all rely on him to keep us on our toes.

Chris has ASE certifications as a parts specialist and service adviser skills. He stays up to date on all the current trends by attending automotive and accessory related events and training whenever possible. He is aware the industry is always changing and improving and makes every effort to make sure Hayes Automotive is keeping pace with the industry and we are up to date to properly and efficiently diagnose and repair all of today’s vehicle issues.

Chris lives in Longmont and enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, roller hockey, and softball. He attends a local church on Sundays and loves watching all sports in his spare time (we have all decided to completely overlook the fact that he is a diehard Kansas City Chief’s fan). If Ford, GM or any car manufacturer called and offered him a job test driving their new prototypes all day he would be gone before he could hang up the phone, but since that is unlikely his secondary dream job is to be a firefighter.

Jacob Neifert – Service Advisor

Jacob Neifert joined the Hayes Automotive team at the beginning of 2018 as a service advisor. He attended Lincoln College of Technology in 2010-2011 graduating with honors. He spent the last six years as a parts technician at CarQuest right out of school, and most recently at Cumins Sales & Service where he honed his automotive sales and customer service skills. He developed a passion for being around cars pretty early in life. When he was a young child he could often be seen in the driveway with his father as he worked on his own vehicles, or sometimes in the kitchen with his grandma helping her make dinner for the family. While attending Lincoln College it became his ultimate dream job to someday build custom classic hot rods from the mid to late 1930’s and early 1940’s.

Jacob currently lives in Longmont with his longtime girlfriend, his son, and their two dogs Kip and Olive. He enjoys spending his free time playing with his young son, usually playing catch in the backyard or with his collection of hot wheels cars. He is an avid Rockies fan and enjoys going to games with the family whenever possible. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys camping with friends and family, and fishing at his girlfriend’s family cabin in Red Feather. He also enjoys getting out to play golf, go hiking, or even paintballing with his friends. On those days when it is too cold to get outside, he enjoys playing video games online with his friends from across the globe.

Eric Terry - ASE Certified Automotive Master Technician & Advanced Level Specialist


Eric Terry joined our talented staff of technicians in 2014 bringing 15 years of experience on all makes and models, with a preferred emphasis on Audi and Volkswagen. He graduated from D.A.D.C. in 1998 and after he had developed a love for cars spending time with a high school friend’s classic Mopar muscle cars – specifically a ’73 Plymouth Duster (he has owned three Dusters of his own over the years). After a couple years of shop experience and continued education he achieved his ASE Master Technician status as well as Advanced Level Specialist (Master L-1), which is considered the highest certification available in the automotive industry. He is currently working towards his ASE Diesel Technician certification and is also certified to participate in the MACS Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Program.

Eric resides in Arvada with his wife, Nikki, and their five blended children and granddaughter on what he fondly refers to as their “small farm complete with chickens”. He definitely loves spending time at home with all of the kids, animals, and friends that are constantly cycling through the house which he says helps keep him out of trouble. On those rare occasion when he gets a break from the usual routine you, can probably find him out on the golf course . . . with some of his friends and family!

Eric also enjoys dabbling in home beer brewing and it would be his dream job to become a Brew master and eventually open his own brewery – but he also admits that he always thought it would be fun to deliver pizzas. We hope one day soon Eric will be able to achieve at least one of these goals, because his true aspiration to become a Super Hero is completely out of the question!!

Alvin Ortiviz – ASE Certified Automotive Master Technician & Diesel Technician


Alvin Ortiviz came to work for Hayes Automotive as a part-time technician while attending Westwood College back in 2008. He had already received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering intending to eventually build space propulsion systems. He had never really worked on cars much, but after watching the first “Fast and Furious” movie a light went on and he went out and bought a Nissan 240SX to work on in his garage and thoroughly enjoyed it! He went ahead and finished up his engineering degree, but after a few years decided his true love was Automotive Technology and he headed back to school for a career change. This has allowed him to not only build things with his hands, but use his brain and utilize his engineering background to figure out complex problems.

Alvin is dedicated to continuing his education and training in automotive repair and as a result has received numerous ASE certifications and has recently obtained ASE Master Technician status and his Diesel Technician certification. He is currently working towards his Advanced Level Specialist (Master L-1) status, which is considered the highest certification in the automotive industry. If there is a training class available we know Alvin will be there! He is also certified to participate in the MACS Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Program.

Alvin is a Colorado native and currently lives in Mead with his wife, Liz, and their three children. He mainly enjoys spending time with his family, but makes a point of exercising regularly and play the occasional video game. He loves to read, especially fantasy and science-fiction, but also enjoys studying about space science as well as Egyptian and Greek ancient civilizations. If Alvin had not changed careers he would probably be working as an engineer somewhere – but his dream job would be to become an archaeologist.

Andy Bruckmeier – Technician


Andy Bruckmeier came to work for us fresh out of Lincoln College of Technology where he graduated in 2011 with dual Associate degrees as both a Master Certified Automotive and Diesel Technician. He discovered his love of cars during high school where he studied automotive technology at Career Development Center and participated on their drag racing team, Triple Threat Racing. Andy started out with us a tire & lube technician but has worked his way up the ranks and is currently focusing on honing his skills with alignments and suspension work, but his vast training makes him a valuable asset anywhere in the shop.

Andy was born in Tucson, Arizona but has lived in Longmont since 1998. He is currently living in his vintage RV while he works to completely renovate it in hopes of taking it out on the road in the very near future for an extended amount of time seeing the country as a bit of a vagabond. He enjoys getting outdoors for hiking, fishing, rafting, and camping whenever possible. His true passion is building and riding motorcycles and any other projects involving engines, including a water jet powered canoe a couple years ago. If Andy could do anything he dreamed of, he would love to build and drive his own race cars and is especially drawn to desert and off road racing.

Thomas Cook – Technician


Thomas Cook grew up in rural Arcata, California spending lots of time with his Grandpa who first introduced him to and sparked his interest in heavy equipment and automotive repair at a very young age. When he was 18 he was offered a job as an apprentice in a prestigious automotive repair shop in Washington state where he was trained on the job for 3 ½ year on all aspects of automotive diagnostics and repair. He had to move back home to help run the family business when his Dad got sick and eventually passed away. For a change of scenery, he ventured out to fix cars in Colorado where he has been ever since. He absolutely loves working in the automotive industry and plans to do what he loves until he retires. Tom is committed to staying up on the latest trends through training classes and plans to start working towards earn his ASE certifications in 2017.

Tom is now an eligible bachelor. He has a beautiful daughter with his ex-wife and loves to spend time with family and friends any chance he gets! In his spare time he enjoys camping, fishing, and watching movies. He hopes to get back into building rock crawlers, custom hot rods and custom automotive painting. Tom’s life-long goal is to eventually own or run his own shop and plans to stay connected one way or another to the automotive industry for life!!

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