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A few more of our specialties
  • Brake Repair

  • Acting as the first line of defense between you and the Longmont roads, properly maintained brakes are essential to a safe drive. Our ASE certified technicians perform a wide range of brake repairs, and we'll have your car braking like new!
  • Engine Repair

  • Is your engine making some strange sounds? Automotive engine systems can cause complicated and frustrating issues. Our auto repair shop offers everything from basic maintenance to major engine repair and diagnostic services.
  • Transmission Repair

  • No matter what your transmission repair needs, you can have complete confidence in our experienced technicians to recommend the right transmission repair or service for the right price.
  • Auto Electrical Service

  • With each passing year, new vehicles include an ever-increasing number of electronic components. At Hayes Automotive, we can perform just about any auto electrical service.


Customer Reviews
Greg S. from Mead, CO, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 4/22/2015:
"you can rely on the job being done correctly."
5 star rating

George & Eileen L. from Longmont, CO, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 4/22/2015:
"We received outstanding service."
5 star rating

Anonymous on 4/22/2015:
"They are excellent and friendly"
5 star rating

Buzz M. from Somerville, TN, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 4/15/2015:
"Fast, efficient service. I was visiting from out of town and needed my truck back as soon as possible. I had my Cummins powered Dodge towed in Monday morning. It needed a fuel injection pump. It was finished by Tuesday morning. Very friendly and professional staff and they gave me a ride back and forth from the hotel. I highly recommend Hayes Automotive."
5 star rating

Michael L. from Longmont, CO, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 3/31/2015:
"Great customer service. All of my concerns about the mechanical condition of my car were addressed and explained. A substantial amount of repair work that would usually leave me without my car for 2 days at other repair shops, was completed the same day."
5 star rating

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